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4 (+ 3) features essential if like that your mobile is to survive to the next two years

When you think of buying a smartphone, normally set to screen, the camera, and some more aspects. However, today is best not set is in that if what like is that your mobile not is obsolete in a few years. Here have them 4 features essential that your mobile must have if like that survive to the news of the next two years.

1. fast loading

Impossible to survive without this. The autonomy of those mobile always has been something very relevant to those users. From those phones that endured a week without having that load them to them of now that not can endure or a day, there is a great difference. However, the power load quickly a smartphone it changes everything. If you are going to buy a mobile, confirms that has technology of load fast, and to be possible that the charger compatible with this technology comes included and not it will have that buy apart.

Samsung Pay Portada


It is present in some mobile phones and others not. At the beginning we saw in the high range, then in the middle and basic range. It became a classic. Then not are used almost, so is suggestive of it in many mobile in which the objective was that the price out it more economic possible. But not make the error of buy a mobile without NFC if like that within some years your mobile not is obsolete. Is more, who knows if in a few months everyone will be paying with the mobile. For that, you need NFC, and your mobile phone should have it.

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3. fingerprint reader

Along with the foregoing arrives this, fingerprint reader, increasingly present in most smartphones. Not only you will be able to pay with the NFC mobile, they confirm an operation could be something as simple as using our fingerprint, if your phone has this feature. It is something to consider, although it must be said that many of these readers fail much more than they should be, which today is not easy to determine whether the purchase we have made is really interesting, actually it is not.

USB Type-C

4.-USB Type-C

Still there are smartphones that do not count with the USB Type-C. Can you believe that this is not a problem, but if it could be. Some mobile phones could already skip the jack for headphones. If this happens, will become in common, they will come more handsets with connector USB Type-C. If you don’t want to be unable to use them, it will be better that your mobile has a socket USB Type-C in order to use these mobile and not only that, but also future load technology which can be really interesting, as well as to connect the mobile through what will be a standard in the world of smartphones. It already is, but it will be still more in a matter of time.

Other items to consider

  • Water resistance: does not seem that this feature is so popular a few years ago, but it seems to me interesting. Many of my phones have stopped working well because of the water. It is normally the screen what begins to fail in my case. For me, it is a characteristic to take into account. And I think that with the passage of time we see more mobile with water resistance. Perhaps non-submersible, but resistant to splashes, which already would solve us a major problem.
  • 3 GB of RAM: If you want your phone to survive the passage of time, a 3 GB RAM is almost indispensable. In two years, apps will require much more, and without this RAM memory, you do not think that your mobile phone works well or from a distance in about two years.
  • MicroSD card: Finally, which today occupy the videos, photos and apps, using an external microSD card is key. Not is difficult to find mobile with this feature. So if is possible, is something to have in features also.

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