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3 Tips for photographing your pet

Photographs of dogs and cats have very much success in social networks. In fact, a recent study of Canon confirms that users prefer to do photos your pets before going on selfies. For this reason, here are 3 minitrucos to photograph your pet with your smartphone.

1. go to your height

To get good pictures of your pet something essential, and that perhaps is the first mistake we commit to do photos, or the first hit when we do these photographs. It’s take the camera to the height of the mascot. The idea is that the camera is at the level of the eyes of our mascot, to be able to transmit the same point of view that has this plane. So, you have to try to be at its height to transmit a feeling similar to the one that has your pet. The mobile is not anything complicated, because unlike many cameras, they are very light.

Sombra Perro

2 use something as a reward

The most complicated when you try to capture a picture of your pet will be that you pay you attention. You may want to photograph a moment in particular, but when you go to shoot, your pet has moved, and it has distracted. A little trick to ensure that it is concentrated in you is to use something as a reward. (E) even use food. For example, a famous photographer has become very popular for the pictures of dogs in which gives them peanut butter. You could get something similar with Nutella or with some sweet. Probably your pet will remain concentrated savoring what you have given, and can you get very good pictures. That Yes, remember that poor diet could have negative consequences, so it uses very small amounts of these sweets, and avoid giving them too much.

3 used all possible light

We are talking about photographing a moving subject. That means that you need a very fast shutter speed. If you know about photography and you have a mobile phone with which to perform the adjustments of shutter speed, you know perfectly what we are talking about. If not. Then you simply say your mobile to make automatic adjustments to get the best possible picture. If you need light, your mobile will reduce the shutter speed, and will be very difficult to capture your pet without moving. Therefore, the more light is in your photo better. Turn on all the lights in the room where you are, if there is daylight, use all that possible. If you have more artificial light you use, use it. And finally, if possible, try the main source of light coming through the window, to reach 45 degrees.

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