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3 keys to buy the OnePlus 3T in Spain today

The OnePlus 3T is already on sale officially in Spain. We can already buy it in the shop of the company, with some relevant developments that make the smartphone in one of the most intelligent purchases within the high range. Here are the 3 keys to buy the OnePlus 3T today in Spain.

Best camera

One of the improvements that we find in the new 3T OnePlus has to do with the cameras, that they have been improved. Rear camera boasts a 16-Megapixel, as well as the ability to record in 4 Kresolution. It includes also optical image stabilization, and electronic stabilization, so we get an image stabilized when recording videos, and photos of high quality thanks to the intelligent automatic settings making the camera. All this without forgetting us of a mode completely manual that us gives the access to all them settings of the camera if are users advanced, can store them photographs in RAW with all them data of them images for a post-processing of a quality upper.

OnePlus 3T Camara

For its part, the front camera surprises us with a 16-Megapixelsensor with which we can achieve some selfies hardly improved, and also some video of great quality, something that could also be essential.

Best processor

Another of the improvements coming with this OnePlus 3T has to do with the processor of the smartphone. In this case we found with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, that improvement to the previous Snapdragon 820. It is not an exceptionally notable improvement, but thanks, thus offering us the best possible performance. This coupled with the 6 GB RAM memory, latest technology, and internal memory of 64 or 128 GB, will offer performance that can neither be improved easily.

OnePlus 3T Diseño

Best battery

And we cannot forget either the expansion in the capacity of the battery, which now reaches the 3400 mAh. And it is logical. With superior performance, the battery must also have a higher capacity. But all of this without forgetting something than can boast OnePlus, and that is your Dash Charge, with which we can get battery fast charging technology for a day in just half an hour.

On sale for 40 euros more

What are the main features of a mobile phone? Key elements for many users are your camera, processor or the performance of the mobile, and battery. And we could add some others, such as your screen (which in this case is a 5.5 inch AMOLED Optic), or its design, which in this case is metal, very carefully, and in a new version of Gun Metal.

OnePlus 3T arrives with these improvements, and a supplement on the price of 40 euros, which leaves us with a final price of 440 euros in its version with 64 GB memory and 480 euros in its version with 128 GB memory. It is a smartphone from the highest level, hardly improved quality, but even so with more moderately priced than the big mobile market. Why is a smartphone so interesting. Buy the OnePlus 3T in Spain could be a great option at this time.

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