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3 essential apps to choose where to eat when you go travel

The true value of travel lies in the memory that one keeps them. And many times, these memories have to do with the place in which we spent time with the city itself. To do this, choose the best place where breakfast, lunch and dinner, may be something key. Here are 3 essential apps to choose where to eat when you go travel.

Returning from travel

I don’t like to be ending a trip and have to be writing this article. I have discovered much about smartphones in this trip. On the autonomy of mobile phones, on the essentials which are, and the relevant which can be when it comes to go out to eat somewhere or other. It is not that he did not know it already, is that they are gaining more and more relevance with the passage of time, and as time passes, this will be even more remarkable. However, today there are three apps that can not miss you when you go travel to choose where to eat. These are the three that I choose, and why.


It is the reference to when we talk about travel. In fact, you go to the city you go, if this is included in our list of the best sites of TripAdvisor, they announced it in the windows of its location with a sticker, which represents the great relevance of this app when it comes to choosing a place to enjoy. You can not miss in your mobile phone.



However, for me it is a more significant reference Foursquare. It looks more social than TripAdvisor. You can put more accurate filters, and in general, the comments of users tend to be more useful for me whenever I use it. I do not say that it is better than TripAdvisor. They are different. But when choosing a site, Foursquare is making me to choose between one or the other, and I usually hit.

Google Maps

And Google Maps could of course not be missing. It is the most basic, and is which will be always on your phone, even if not Let’s take another. Can we stay out of battery, but there will be someone who will have not used the mobile that day will have Google Maps installed, which is not a bad option. We can find some restaurant food fast Burger King or McDonalds type, or even somewhere to enjoy following assessments, although it is obviously not focused on this, and will not be as useful as the other two.

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