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2 minitrucos to improve your landscapes with Instagram

Instagram is not the most professional app to edit your photos on your mobile. But it is undeniable that all the users who post photos on social networks often wear Instagram. So we are going to see two little tricks to improve your landscapes photos with this application as used by many users.

Dynamic range

We will all be based on the dynamic range. As he says the word, it is a range that goes from a minimum to a maximum level. In this case, it’s the colors that we can differentiate from the darkest to the lightest in the same image. If you try to photograph a cave in foreground and a sunset in the background, you will see that the camera of your mobile phone is unable to distinguish your eye like different levels of light and colors of the elements in the foreground, and background elements. However, this can be slightly solved through adjustments in Instagram.


Photo by @jotalcubo

It raises the bar of shadows

We are not talking about filters instagram, with which you can apply any artistic and automatic adjustment to your mobile. We are talking about the tools that Instagram appears just to the right of the filter. With these tools you can locate a so-called shadow. What we will do is increase the value of shadows. The elements that will appear darker in our photos will become clearer.

Lowers the level of the lights

At the same time, what usually happens is that the camera captures a lot light primary light source that we have before us, so this is photography. If we want to get a contrast that is more natural in the picture, ideally will be go to the option of lights, which is located right next to the shadows, and get some levels this value. Thus, if the sunlight had filled out our photo, lowering the level of lights we can get this level lower and gain so some naturalness in photography, while we will have more detail.

There are two basic settings that all amateur photography should dominate, but that even you use Instagram and may be not so fond of photography, you must know and learn how to use.

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