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10 innovations in mobile this 2016 (part II)

We are still analyzing the innovations that we found this year 2016 in smart phones, to end with this second part of the special, in which we will discuss the other five new features that this year the attention in the world of smartphones. Here the 5 first innovations from the mobile this 2016.

6. improved audio DAC

This year it has begun to give importance to the quality of the audio. And not speak only of the volume that can achieve a mobile, something that already is improved in the last with the inclusion of a dual speaker stereo in some models. Actually, we are talking about the DAC, the hardware component that is responsible for converting the digital sound signal to analog. This component is in our smartphone and can be more or less quality. Is much better, better is the audio quality, obviously. But the limitations of the mobile space and manufacturing cost does that smartphones do not have a high quality DAC. It happens even in the case of the iPhone. This year we have seen how many mobile have improved your DAC and even have made it one of the most striking features of your Smartphone.

7.-metal polished

First were the mobile of plastic. Then came the smartphones of metal, and later landed the smart phone with a glass design. However, the great novelty this year have been them mobile with metal grinding. Presented by Apple with its iPhone 7 glossy black, and imitated even by Chinese mobile manufacturers like Doogee. In reality, this material is metal, its appearance in the images is that of the glass, and when we have it in hand, it seems plastic. That is the reality. But well, there are people that love, despite being so easy to scratch it.

Doogee Y6

8.-readers of fingerprint fingerprint that work

Yes, friends Yes, speak of them readers of fingerprint fingerprint. New? Already had many mobile with reader of fingerprint fingerprint. But at first, I must say it was so useless that the most normal thing was to disable it. This year, many manufacturers have improved and fingerprint readers work well. It was an improvement over last year.

OnePlus 3T Diseño

9 payment platforms

They have taken to get to Spain, but they have come. While it is true that Samsung Pay is in Spain, others such as Android Pay does not. But banks have their own platforms. And if you’ve tried to pay with your mobile phone, taking NFC, you’ve seen that it is more useful. You can certainly replace the rest of systems of payment, such as cash or credit cards, for the ease of use it.

10 Megapantallas

Although it began to be an option a few years ago, now no longer so. Now we talk about has been standardized which mobile phones have a large format screen. We have seen large-scale mobile phones have reached 6.4 inches in the case of Xiaomi my MIX, and we have seen that 5.5 inch mobiles have become almost minimal, with those of 5.7 inches to be a standard. Compact mobile phones are becoming less common, and it seems that this will remain so due to the disappearance of the bezels.

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